THEA is a brand created to promo peaceful, calm, and relaxing lifestyle.

No matter who we are -- students, parents, employees or employers, everyone's pace gets faster and faster each year, the stress piles on and work never ends...   We want THEA to become a destination place to inspire and remind people-- "Don't Worry, Be Happy", just take a deep breath and stay relaxed. 

Therefore, we created "THEA", we pick whale as the logo because of it signifies tranquility, inner truth, physical and spiritual healing. Emphasis on the importance of family and community, serene emotion and peaceful strength.   As a totem, the whale teaches us about listening to your inner voice, and understanding how your emotions impact your everyday life.

THEA products focus on everything that helps you to relax on a daily basis. THEA community will gather people alike with shared tips and methods to master the art of being calm and stay relaxed…

Start with introducing THEA 3in1 Massage Roller, it combines functions of a vibration massage, foam roller and a bolster pillow into one, it's the easiest tool for our daily comfort and relaxation. Then we also like to share our top pick inspirational quotes about life and tips to stay relaxed.

Now, take a deep breath and enjoy your day!

THEA Awareness