Everyone knows The Importance of Good Blood Flow

Having an increase in blood flow and circulation to areas of your body helps promote cell growth and organ function including healthy skin. Your skin also benefits from an increase in blood circulation. Healthy skin is better able to fight off bacteria and infection that it may come in contact with. Good blood flow helps your heart pumps at full force, your heart rate lowers, heart muscles relax and your blood pressure flows evenly and smoothly.

Everyone knows the importance of good blood flow; and there are many ways help us keep up good circulations, including go to gym, get deep-tissue massage, or buy a massage chair. But if you are like me, I don't have time go to gym everyday, I can't spare 1-2 hours for a nice massage all the time. And, I can't afford a $3000 dollar massage chair. Here are my tips to maintain my good blood flow:

Place the roller around your body - feet, leg, back, shoulder, even stomach and turn on the vibration while sit on the couch or in the bed checking emails, watching TV, or read your favorite book, etc. Enjoy vibration massaging the sore and tight muscles without interrupting the daily routines.

Good Blood Flow is the most important aspect of healthy life - THEA Vibration Massage Roller



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